We are HMMRA, this is us


For the most parts of our lives we do certain things because we are forced to do it.

Sometimes our parents or relatives ask us to do something and at other times, we do it because all our friends are doing it.

But seldom we listen to ourselves.

But there was that one time when we listened to ourselves when we decided to join Harkisan Mehta Institute as a student.

Some of us have joined the Advertising and PR course, some the Journalism course and some the Graphic Designing course.

At the heart of that decision was our drive to do a degree or diploma that we ourselves wanted to do and not because somebody else was doing it.

We took up this course because we wanted to choose the direction where we wanted to steer our career. We chose to come here as we didn’t want to follow anybody’s footsteps blindly.

For all of us, students, the sole purpose of joining Harkisan Mehta Institute was to express ourselves.

This space is exactly meant for that. We use this space to say whatever we want to say — it may be a text blog, video blog, art work, photographs, our opinion on something or just a film review.

Just go ahead and express yourself.

We just have to remember one thing — this is not a space where we do propaganda, spread false information or slander anybody.

This is a space for creativity and not politics.

So, go ahead, dear fellow students. Create or write or shoot something and submit that to your class representative.

If we find it fit to be published here, you will find it here soon afterwards.

So, go ahead, create and have lots and lots of fun.

Thanks and regards.


Mail us at: svkmhmmra@gmail.com