Bridging gap between Teachers and Students.

The Institute of Harkisan Mehta is one that reduces the gap between teachers and students. Teachers think of students as their colleagues and come into direct contact with the students by helping them to discover themselves. Teachers put up a challenging question and assignments for students. ¬†For example, can trees fart like humans do? StudentsContinue reading “Bridging gap between Teachers and Students.”

Creating Minds that Question! #HappyTeacher’sDay

What makes a good student great? Perseverance, the will to prove oneself or plain old burning the midnight oil? A student needs to persevere when the going gets tough. The will to prove oneself makes perseverance possible and burning the midnight oil is the process that makes it all possible. In a world of millionContinue reading “Creating Minds that Question! #HappyTeacher’sDay”