Let’s meet the 4 wheels of this car we call HMMRA

IMG_3975It takes four sturdy wheels to run a car smoothly. Have one missing, and the car wouldn’t move forward. Let’s meet the 4 wheels of this car we call HMMRA.

They are the back-bone of our system. Without them, oh boy, we’d all be permanently infused with panic attacks.

Ms. Prapti Thakar, Secretary to the Director

IMG_3949She’s the tigress of our lot. The ever so alert, protective of all her students, and always, so organised. She gives HMMRA the discipline it needs and yet, she’s the best person to dance with during parties. She is also the perfect out-station shopping guide for students, when it comes to helping them master the art of bargaining with shop vendors, when the institute organises educational trips! That helped some of our students save a few pennies. She’s always around when you need her for anything, and to top it all, she’s a carom champion!


Mr. Amit Shah, Accounts & Purchase Dept.

13244043_10207027974431881_1140530681513274376_oThe master of numbers at HMMRA since the last decade – Amit Sir makes accounting look easy. From maintaining student records to handling the finances of HMMRA, he does it all. The quietest of the lot, you can see him in the corner of the HMMRA office. He’s immersed in his computer screen, yet sometimes, nodding politely as every student walks in for class.


Nishi Patel, Graphics & Web Designer cum Peer Mentor

IMG_0001You’re on the first floor of the Mithibai Campus, marching your way towards HMMRA. You hear a loud and comical laughter emerging from far off the distance! That bubbly sound is coming from the ever-humorous, the one with the brightest smile, the most loved staff of HMMRA, Nishi. This sound is so oft-heard, that it is almost the official welcoming song of our institute, haha! Our students call her their superhero! Nishi is a friend, saviour, guide, all infused in one. She knows each of the students so well, that lying to her means always getting caught. She also has a penchant for website and graphic design, which she uses for the institute to her best capacity. She’s approachable and always around, sometimes, saving the day and postponing presentations when the students aren’t ready. Oops, that wasn’t supposed to be public!

Ms. Kamakshi Rawal, Co-ordinator

IMG_3940She’s the latest wheel in the car and the freshest face in the lot. Kamakshi is the bridge between students and the faculty. From arranging lectures and informing the students regarding the same, she does her job to the T!

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