My first brush with the newsroom.

IMG_2890Truth be told, personally I have never paid much heed to how professionals work in the field of  news and media, to get us our fill of content, be it print, radio, digital or broadcast. In spite of being a student, And now thanks to HMMRA, I have been leased a whole new perspective on things. With it being one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences i have had. Superseding my expectations miles and bounds.

It was my first ever time visiting a newsroom, at the India Today Office at Andheri East, Mumbai. In the midst of the blistering summer heat a day before semester end and the beginning of our month long spring-summer breaks.


As we walked in, one could instantly note the traditional corporate set up of cubicles with people immersed in their screens, however the only thing differentiating this particular place was a restrained sense of hustle being executed by one and all throughout the ticking
of the clock; especially while approaching lunch hour, which continued to remain consistent throughout our stay there.

On meeting the head of operations, he directed us to a senior reporter who escorted us straight to the control room where most of the ‘magic’ happened with an entire console being manned and controlled by the engineer-in-charge there, at his ambidextrous best!

Everyone had a job description set in their minds right from manning the camera in the green room/chroma to making sure the makeup area was stocked and functioning, yet they had a seamless understanding and synchronisation. The leadership and staff were efficient but above all, were passionate about what they did. That is what left a lasting
image in my mind and made me more grateful for the time i have, to learn and has increased my desire to do more. Nothing reaches you as much as hands-on experience, especially in real time. And one must have to be incredibly ignorant to notice this and not have a paradigm shift in what one feels they are meant to do, and of their future
priorities. In all aspects of the trial and the standard of their work- from IT and data management through to statistical analysis – was excellent throughout. IMG_2880While the work is no cake walk, they continue to make regular progress.  They are a highly professional team and seem very easy to work with, with abundant humility and respect for each
other. I will certainly want to collaborate with them in the future.



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