What you did not know about the man who holds it together at HMMRA

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. We’re talking about one such exemplary leader. Our students consider him as friend, mentor, guide and philosopher. His pen is his mightiest weapon. The one with a difficult but renowned name. He is none other than Mr Soumyadipta Banerjee.

A leading journalist for the past one and a half decade, Mr Banerjee is the director of SVKM’s Harkisan Mehta Institute of Media, Research & Analysis. He is the guiding light at the institute. No, he is not that clichéd no-nonsense principal from whom students prefer to keep a safe distance from. His novel and non-conventional ways of leadership reflect in the functioning of the institute. After joining the institute, you will agree to the statement too.


Our director has a ‘Desi’ style. You will frequently spot him in a kurta. How can we forget Madhur-milan. No, it is not a person’s name. It is the name of his favourite dessert. Perhaps, Madhur-milan is the secret behind his sweet demeanour.

Mr Banerjee has worked as a prominent senior journalist at various publications such as Times of India, Telegraph, DNA, Online CNN-IBN, where many of his articles frequented the front page and became national news. It must be noted that he had been consistently rated as an outstanding performer over his tenure. Mr Banerjee is also the founder at www.bollywoodjournalist.com, where he presents The Indian Film Industry, unmasked. He has been the official film critic for DNA newspaper.

Mr Soumyadipta follows an open-door policy at the institute. This policy is the reason behind the students’ perception of the institute as ‘student-friendly’. He personally hears the students suggestions and grievances during his weekly visits to their class, which receive due consideration by him. Our students never hesitate to talk to him, owing to his amicable and approachable personality. He closely monitors every learner’s progress at HMMRA. He always inspires the students to learn what they love most.

Walk down to the institute on the first floor of SVKM’s campus (Mithibai College) to catch him constantly encouraging and motivating the staff and the students alike.

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